Thursday, August 6, 2009

Courage to Encourage

August 6, 2009 Thursday
I am seeing more and more that it takes courage to Encourage folk. To tell someone that they are doing a great job does in fact take courage. To stand with someone when they are going through a tough spell takes courage. You have to have courage though if you are going to encourage others. You can’t give someone something that you don’t have. So then, in order to encourage someone else, you too, must have courage. To encourage someone else means taking putting your attention on them and not on yourself. For some of us that takes courage. Or just the opposite, to encourage someone, by telling and showing them that you too have gone through something similar takes courage. To be able to bear yourself and expose yourself takes courage. To humiliate yourself, which just means to humble yourself for the sake of others, takes courage. Be an encourager to others!!

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