Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Our Words

12-02-09 Wednesday
Is there a situation that is staring you in the face that you feel like is keeping you from having the greatest year ever. We talked about yesterday about not removing your belief or your faith from that situation. You have to believe no matter what it looks like. There are things taking place in your life that you cannot see just yet. However, it is up to you whether these things are positive or negative. Just think back on the words that you are using each day. Are you using positive or negative words in your situation? Really do you use positive or negative words about any situation? There is incredible power in your words. Even if you think nobody is listening to you. The truth is; you are listening to you. We have to change our thought patterns; then our word patterns will change. Although it is not always easy; it is achievable. Thoughts lead to words which lead to habits which lead to our destiny.

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