Monday, December 28, 2009

Forgive today

12-28-09 Monday
Over the past week I have witnessed an incredible act of forgiveness. In a situation where one person, already running from one accident, caused another accident where a person was killed; the parents immediately and completely forgave the man who caused their daughter’s death. Without going into details; trust me, being able to forgive as they have is incredible. Here at Christmas time, beginning to prepare for a wedding, birthday, and so on; these parents gave the gift of forgiveness. As we heard at the funeral; they forgave this person, yet we don’t forgive someone who said something about you, somebody did you wrong, etc. Please don’t take unforgiveness into the 2010. You can forgive those that have wronged you, no matter what has taken place. Then you are free of that situation. You will never reach your destiny with unforgiveness in your heart.

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