Friday, December 4, 2009

Me too

12-04-09 Friday
Looks like Tuscaloosa is going to be full of Jackson folk today! Hope the Aggies can make them all very happy with a State Championship win!
I have seen since I started writing this blog, over a year ago, that whatever I write about I seem to walk in the middle of it. Talking about watching our words the past few days; has me watching my words. I really have to watch what I say to people. I am too quick to say something sarcastic or be short with people. I have had to apologize to Melissa and Gloria several times in the past few days. So when I say watch what you say; I put me at the top of the list. It would be so much better if I said encouraging words to folk and not discouraging words. It’s not enough that we stop saying the negative stuff, but we have to replace it with the positive stuff. Be positive in the words that you use. I will do the same.

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