Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Filing System

12-08-09 Tuesday
I understand that we all have memories of our past. We have a filing system in our mind. One is the file of positive memories and the other is the file of negative memories. When we take a look at these files; which one is bigger in your mind? The one you go to and think about the most is the one that will be the largest. When something happens to you; do you immediately go to the negative file and pull it out and start going over all the negative things that have happened to you? That is like allowing a wound to almost heal and then breaking it open again and having to relive all the pain again. This is how some of us live everyday; constantly reliving all the past bad and negative experiences that have occurred in our lives. However, you can have a much better life. Begin to open the positive file. Begin to find the positive and the good in everything. The experience is the same, but how we deal with it can determine how we live our lives.

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