Monday, December 14, 2009

It's time

12-03-09 Monday
We talked about having peace, joy, rest, hope, freedom and so on in our lives. If we are going to have these things in our lives the bottom line is that we have to live a life of forgiveness. We have discussed forgiveness several times over the past year, but from time to time we have to be reminded to make sure we are forgiving. Don’t take any unforgiveness in the New Year. Between now and the end of the year get rid of all unforgiveness. To be able to forgive we need to take on love and humility. If we have those two qualities then forgiveness that is complete is attainable. Don’t let unforgiveness bring you down during the Christmas season. Allow the freedom, peace, joy, happiness, rest, and love come into your live through total forgiveness this year.

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