Wednesday, December 16, 2009

2 questions

12-16-09 Wednesday
There are two fundamental and universal questions that we all ask of every person we meet and have a relationship with; whether it is superficial or a close relationship. Can I trust you? Do you really care about me? I can see now why I have so few close friends from both sides of this question. Am I trustworthy? And I do care about folk? At the same time do I trust people and do I think folk care about me? This is one thing that I will be working on everyday from now on. I will work on both sides of the questions. The thing is; is it better to have friends or to be a friend? I really think that it is better for people to call you friend than it is to have a bunch of friends and not be a friend. Anyways, it is something that I have been thinking about; being a friend and having friends.

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