Wednesday, November 11, 2009

what you see

November 11, 2009 Wednesday
Happy Veterans Day! Thank you to all of you that have served in our military.
I wanted to get away from forgiveness for a bit. I wanted to ask you; ‘how do you see yourself’? The way you see yourself is crucial to your future, to your destiny, to your peace, to your joy, and so on. If you see yourself as someone who has made too many mistakes and made too many wrong choices then you won’t have a good outlook on your life. If you see yourself as someone that was created by God, no matter how it may look on the outside, and that you have a definite purpose and destiny. We all have made mistakes and made wrong choices, but God is still in control. Allow Him to guide your life and direct your steps. You will see your whole life begin to change. You will still have to go through some rough times, but they won’t last; you will. Take a look at yourself and see what you could be…

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