Monday, November 9, 2009

room in the heart

November 9, 2009 Monday
Yesterday my status on Facebook was: can we have the love of God in and not forgive others. I got some awesome responses to that statement. I have gone to another level of understanding when it comes to forgiveness. Not that I understand it all yet and may never understand it completely.
I do see where if I am going to say I am a Christian and that I have God love in me; then I must forgive and forgive completely and quickly. Melissa, my wife, mentioned that grace and mercy are critical to forgiveness. I completely agree. Without those two power twins there is no to forgive. I have gone back again in my life to seek out those that I need to forgive and those that I need to ask forgiveness from; including myself. I don’t see how God can be a part of my life if I am holding unforgiveness in my heart. Is there room for God and unforgiveness in the same heart?

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