Thursday, November 19, 2009


November 19, 2009 Thursday
I want to thank you guys for purchasing my book Embrace Your Destiny. The first day of sales went well. It does make a great Christmas gift. So, if you haven’t gotten one yet, I hope you will consider doing so.
There have been several folk that have mentioned they too would like to write a book, but they don’t think they ever will be able to. I asked why not. I got various reasons why they didn’t think they could write their book. However, I do know if you hold on to your dream of writing a book or whatever your dream maybe; then you have an excellent chance of seeing it through. It’s when we let our dreams die; then there is little to no chance of seeing them through. Keep your dreams alive and achieve them. If your dreams are long gone and dead; then bring them back up. God has given you the ability to dream and everything you need to fulfill your God-given dreams is inside you now.

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