Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Put it on

November 25, 2009 Wednesday
What a great time to be alive. You were born right at the exact time and place that you were supposed to be born. You may not always think so, but your destiny disagrees. You are here right now for a purpose; not by accident. Never curse your birth or your life. When others curse your birth or life; don’t listen to them. The ‘I wish I had never been born’ or ‘I wish you had never been born,’ comments have to go. Be thankful for your life. Even if today it isn’t the life you had dreamed for. That too can change. Put on the garment of thankfulness and make the best of your day. Each day we do this, we will see change take place in our life. Thankfulness or gratefulness is a major step toward your destiny.
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