Tuesday, November 10, 2009


November 10, 2009 Tuesday
I have gotten a whole of response from this post about forgiveness. For the most part I think that we all agree. Mainly that forgiveness is a process, but we are to forgive. I believe that more we practice something the better we get at it. So if we practice forgiveness doesn’t it make sense that we would get better at it? When you see the results of forgiveness; it only makes sense that we forgive quickly and completely. But holding on to unforgiveness we are the one that is affected negatively. There comes a root of bitterness; which is followed by anger and resentment. While the person we are not forgiving is doing just fine. I am trying to leave a life of forgiveness; toward myself and others. I am quick to ask for forgiveness and quick to forgive. Holding a grudge is like drinking poison; while waiting for the other person to die.

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