Sunday, January 10, 2010

Use your gift

01-09-10 Sunday
It’s Sunday morning, 15 degrees and no electricity. Where I grew up, way, way out in the country, our electricity went out about once a week it seemed like. Not so used to it now, but thank you Jesus for a gas log fireplace.
We all have an awesome gift/inside of us. It is that gift/talent that will lead you to your destiny. When you are using your gift/talent is when you feel the most alive right? That is the time you feel fulfillment; even when you make be exhausted. That is God’s way of letting know that you are walking in your destiny when you are operating in that gift/talent you were created to operate in. So don’t be discouraged, down, depressed, or confused. Do what you do best, what comes easy to you. Do what you were created to do and see what happens. That is when living really begins.
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