Saturday, January 2, 2010

Clear the way

01-02-10 Saturday
As we begin our walk into ’10; we have to keep our vision and perspective clear. When our vision and perspective get distracted and altered we get off course and our attitude gets messed up. Attitude, perspective and vision will keep us in line toward our destiny in ’10. Let’s be like Teflon rather than Velcro when it comes to the negative, hurtful, disappointing, and bad stuff that tries to get inside us and change our attitude, perspective, and vision. Don’t let that mess get inside you. Live a lifestyle of forgiveness to prevent things from sticking. We can reach our destination for this year, but only if we stay on course. We can do this together; you and me, you and others, all of us together working together. We have a destiny, a purpose, a reason for being here; don’t let that go to waste.

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