Monday, January 4, 2010

Speak to it

01-04-10 Monday
We talked some about where are you going yesterday. We have mentioned where do you see yourself in a year. How about, ‘what are you saying about yourself and where you are going.’ Just as you have to be able to see where you are going; what you say about yourself will also determine how your destiny turns out. Check the words you are saying about yourself, your family, other folk, and your destiny. Even if you are ‘just joking’ be sure you aren’t being condescending when you talk. There is enormous power in our words, but we too often allow this power to work against us. Begin to speak to yourself (sounds better than talk to yourself) about your destiny and your family’s destiny. Speak positive words, uplifting words, encouraging words; even if you don’t see it yet, begin to talk it. Just like calling that dog; even though you don’t see him; you still call him. Well, do that to yourself and your destiny; you might not see it yet, but it’s out there waiting for you to call it in.
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