Thursday, January 7, 2010


01-07-09 Thursday
Being teachable is so important if we are going to grow, change, and mature. Those folk that fulfill their destiny are the ones that are humble and teachable. Only the humble will be teachable. Ever been around the person that just knows it all and doesn’t mind letting you know that they know it all? These people are usually not very humble or teachable. I love to learn, but I have not always been teachable. However, after seeing where this was leading me; I made the decision to be teachable. I did this by humbling myself. I realize that I don’t know it all and I can learn from others. By doing this I can see huge changes taking place in my life. So, make sure that you are teachable; if you aren’t sure if you are or not, check your humility level. To check your humility level; just ask a friend and they can tell you. Humility will enable you to be teachable which in turn enables you to grow, change and mature; which enables you to reach your destiny.

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