Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year

01-01-10 Friday
Happy New Year! I really hope that none of us brought any of the negative stuff from ’09 into ’10. In order for this year to be our best year ever; then we have to do something or some things differently than we have been doing. If we continue to do the same stuff the same way then we will get the same results. Change some habits today. Make sure all the mess is gone from your mind and heart. I know some things are a process; well start the process and continue it each day.
I desire that we all move to another level this year in our destiny. I truly believe this can happen when we all start working with each other and stop fighting with each other. Destiny is not a singular word; it is plural, meaning it includes all of us. So we really have to work together and stop hurting each other.
If you know anyone who would like to get this blog each day, just have them send me their email address or if they have facebook they can join the group page or just go to my website and get it from there. Also, my book Embrace Your Destiny is available from my website as well. Lastly, I have started working on a Podcast that will be on ITunes and from my website.

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