Friday, January 15, 2010

Forgive Today

01-15-10 Friday
It seems like we always come back to forgiveness and trust in everything we talk about. I can see where forgiveness is a vital key to our lives. The question that I feel today, for me, and for you, is ‘who in your life do you need to forgive’? They don’t have to ask for your forgiveness, they don’t even have to know you are holding unforgiveness against them, they don’t have to deserve it, and they don’t even have to be alive. As we have said, forgiveness is for you; not for them. By holding unforgiveness in our heart toward someone we don’t have control over them or the upper hand on them, but rather the unforgiveness is controlling us. Releasing that unforgiveness will enable you to live with peace in your life. It takes a strong person to forgive, but you have that strengthen. Forgive today!
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