Sunday, January 17, 2010

Teacher, mentor, coach

01-17-10 Sunday
I find myself wanting someone who knows more than I do about what I want to do to come along beside me and mentor, teach, coach, and/or walk with me as I go. I have always been told that when the student is ready the teacher will be there. I am guessing the teacher was there all the time, but the student was not ready. I also believe that as we move from level to level in life that there will be someone there to guide us to the next level. The key to this I suppose is being teachable. When we are not teachable then there is no teacher. I am thinking this is all on my mind because I have been moving into new areas in my life such as writing, life coaching, and speaking. I suppose I am looking for that teacher, mentor, and/or coach in my life. It may be like, when you stop looking for something, like your keys, that is when you find them. All this to say, if you are moving to another level in your life, maybe a time of transition, be aware there will be someone there for you to help guide you.
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