Monday, January 11, 2010

I would rather have...

01-11-10 Monday
Having peace is much better than being in control. Having unity is much better than being first. Having joy is much better than the having the last word. Having rest is much better than having my way. I haven't always thought this way, but in the past few weeks and months my paradigms have begun to change. I had an experience yesterday where all of this came into play. I started out the old me, but quickly realized that that was not how I felt any longer; I don’t have to be in control or first or have the last word. I don’t have to be in charge any longer. There are more important things in life. I will go after peace, unity, joy and rest. Destiny is far more important to me than being right; even when I know I am wrong. I not only don’t care if I win an argument, but choose not to argue in the first place. There are better ways to handle a situation than arguing. You guys, I am sure, already know all this, but I am sometimes a slow learner, but I am learning.
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