Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Why ask why

September 9, 2009 Wednesday
I have been asking myself one question lately; “why”? I see more than ever that it isn’t the what, but the why. It isn’t so much what we do but why we do it. Folk can do the same thing, but for different reasons. Some things look ok and even look good when we do them, but when we get to the why, that’s the question. Our motives are the key to the ‘why.’ Why do we do the things that we do? In my case, more times than not I have to answer that question with: selfishness. I am working on that right now. I want love to be my motive. I want humility to be my motive. I want the needs of others to be my motive. I have to learn that it’s ‘not about me.’ It’s about my wife, daughter, and my mom, it’s about you. I am learning the ‘why’ is the most important question in my life right now.

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