Monday, September 7, 2009

Mind clearing

September 7, 2009 Monday
At church the topic of the sermons for some time now has been about discipleship. I am a firm believer in discipleship; which is a form of discipline. It takes discipline to be a disciple. Anyways, the back bone of this whole thing is destiny, purpose, and discipleship. These all work together. The more I write, the book Embrace Your Destiny, Playbook of Champions, and A Walk Through My Mind the more I am seeing the truth of destiny. I have never believed more than I do now that we all have a specific purpose and destiny.
But we all pick up so much baggage along the way that we can’t see our destiny clearly. The only thing that gets rid of the baggage seems to be forgiveness. Forgiving ourselves, forgiving others, and accepting the forgiveness of others are all involved. With forgiveness comes a clearing of the mind; which in turn helps us to see our destiny more clearly.

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