Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Living to die

September 1, 2009 Tuesday
Let me correct yesterday, I meant to say that we are all created with a specific reason.
I want to be who I was created to be. However, I keep getting in the way of who I was created to be. I have to know that it’s not about me, but about others, then I wouldn’t get in the way. I have always heard we must die to self and live for Christ and others. But how many of us really die to self? I know I am not doing a good job of that. I keep resuscitating and not dying to self as I should. It is only when we come to end of ourselves to we truly see what dying to self and living for others is all about. I hope that at this time in my life that I have completely died to myself so that I can now truly live.

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