Saturday, September 5, 2009


September 5, 2009 Saturday
How many of us really know without a doubt that we have some very valuable to offer to others? We all have something on the inside of us that we are to share with other folk. Something great and powerful resides inside each of us. The tragedy is that some of us never realize it or never share it with others. It is a tragedy to die with that gift still lying dormant inside of you. Tap into to what was placed in you even before you were born. You are here for a reason, not just yourself; we are here for each other. Lay down your own personal, selfish agenda and look at the big picture. This is the hardest thing for me at times, laying aside my selfishness; for I know that I am a very selfish person, but with God’s help that is ending. What can I do for you? That is my agenda.

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