Friday, September 4, 2009

Lasting Legacy

September 4, 2009 Friday
I said yesterday that I would not be sending this out to everyone on facebook any longer, but if you want to get it daily, just send me your email and I can email it to you, otherwise, it will be on the group page each day. I will send something out weekly as a reminder on facebook.
I have been thinking awhile about encouragement, people walking their destiny, people’s purpose, and leaving a lasting legacy. I had been questioning how we encourage people. I had lunch with Ben Rodriquez, youth pastor at DFC, yesterday and we talked about this stuff. We wondered how many people are actually operating in their destiny and are aware of it. I said I thought it is 35% are, but only 30% actually know that they are. He felt I was too high and he is more than likely right. Do you know what your dreams are? Do you know what your specific purpose on earth is? Do you know what your destiny entails? Not everybody does, I understand, but wouldn’t it be so awesome if more and more people actually were moving in their destiny, their calling, their purpose, their dreams, and leaving a legacy? I want that so much for my life, my family, and for those around me.

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