Sunday, October 25, 2009

Yes you can

October 25, 2009 Sunday
Enjoyed a hot cup of coffee on a cool, crisp morning; I love the fall. When I sat down this morning to write; all I could think of what the reasons why I am not qualified to write this blog or even the books that I have been writing. Then I considered the question and why am I not qualified. The reasons were because of my past, not smart enough, not creative enough, not good enough, and so on. I quickly caught on to the lies that were being told to me by the enemy of my mind. So I began to tell him that I was good enough. I had destiny to write and create. God had predestined me with a destiny. The same goes for you. You do have what it takes to fulfill your destiny. Don’tyou’re your dreams die with you or worse before you do. Live in your destiny zone!!

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